Bump Journey – It’s a Girl!

Part Two  – Labour & Delivery

***This post is very TMI, so please proceed with caution
and don’t say I didn’t warn you!***

Labour pains for me started kicking in at 1:00am on the Monday. At 1:30am, my husband and I decided we’re not sure how to calculate these contractions let’s get to the hospital. After a long wait to see the oncall doctor, at 5:30am the doctor decided that I still had time and sent me home. She suggested I take a warm bath and walk around a lot because I was only 3CM dilated. I was like is this woman crazy? As soon as we got home I felt like my pains had gotten 10x worse. I was rolling and screaming in pain. I thought to myself who the hell chooses to do this over and over again?

After several warm baths and walking and silently hating my husband because he was napping, we decided to head back to the hospital at 10:30am. When the nurse checked on me I was still at 3cm. I was like are you kidding me? This lady better not send me back home! The good news was she didn’t send me back home. The bad news she sent me to walk laps around the hospital.

The time now is 4pm on Monday and I was finally being admitted to my birthing suite. At this point I’m working on 3 hours of sleep. At 6pm an angel walked through the door and asked that magical question: “Would you like the epidural?” YES PLEASE!!!

This was the most amazing I’ve felt in the last 17 hours! I thought to myself, smooth sailing from here right? WRONG!!! This made things worse because my body was finally able to relax and I didn’t realize how tired I was until that very moment.

Afew hours later and my nurse walks in and says “Ok honey, it’s time to do some practice pushes.” We started to push and she was like, “Oh we’re going to only have to do a couple of pushes and then she will be here”. I thought yes! Finally this will all be over and my baby girl will be in my arms. WRONG AGAIN!!!! It turns out after an hour of pushing I fell asleep while pushing. LOL that’s right, my mind was like let’s try this again later. The doctor made a decision to turn off my epidural so I could feel my contractions and know when to push.

About 30 more minutes in and I’m being told she turned herself round and got her self wrapped up in her cord. The doctor had to come in and place both hands in my hooha and flip her around….OUCH! Enough of the epidural had worn off for me to feel that one.

Finally at 2:11am Tuesday morning my beautiful baby girl came into the world. All I wanted to do was hold her on my chest with all the blood and all the grossness that was on her. I didn’t care. I knew i just worked my butt off to bring her into this world.

Within 2-3 mins they had pulled her off me and needed to rush her to the NICU. She was having breathing problems and needed to be monitored ASAP. I felt like my whole world came crashing down. I just wanted her to be okay. We were told she was going to be fine but would be remaining in the NICU until she was ready to be released.

After 25 hours of labour, 2.5 hours of pushing and three days of being in the hospital, I was FINALLY approached with the good news that our little mama had passed all the tests and would be cleared to go home after lunch.

Please know that this is not the journey everyone takes, this was just my experience and what I went through with my first baby. I’ll be sharing my pregnancy with my son soon. Let me know if you’re pregnancy experience was easy peasy or not so fun!


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1 thought on “Bump Journey – It’s a Girl!

  1. Oooh my Sammy this message me brought me to tears! Had no idea you had such a tough time but I pray both your munchkins appreciate the life out of you ❤️

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