Our Wedding Story

Boy oh boy oh boy! How do I begin to even tell you about this day? lt was a long day and the most up and down day I think I’ve ever had. It’s one of the most magical days of your life right? Sadly lol not for us. There was just one thing after the other that happened throughout the day.

Originally I did not even want a wedding in Canada. I wanted a destination wedding. I always saw myself getting married on a beach and man is it waaaay cheaper than doing a wedding here in Toronto. Unfortunately, my dad was really sick at the time and he was not able to fly out anywhere and nothing was more important than my dad being by my side.

So let’s fast forward to a week before my wedding. At this point most people have confirmed and locked in their head count with their banquet halls or wherever you’re having your wedding. I know we did! We were locked in for the amount of people who had RSVP’d that they were attending. Due to some unknown (to this day) family drama, we had 5 family members pull out of attending our wedding. I thought to myself people cannot be this petty to actually not attend a wedding of your niece! But I guess you can be. I decided to shrug this off and not let it get the best of me. The week before your wedding is already stressful on its own.

The morning of my wedding was just zooming by. I felt like there wasn’t enough hours in the day to get things done. So let’s start with the morning of our big day. I woke up feeling great, anxious and nervous like most brides do. My mom, one of my maid of honours and myself got up and headed out to go get our hair done for the day. My other maid of honour stayed back and helped out majorly, setting up our ceremony space because she was getting her hair done at the hotel. Our first annoyance was that we were supposed to be given the key to the hall the night before so that we could set up and not have to rush things in the morning but that did not happen.

We got our hair done and got back to the hotel. While I was getting my makeup done, I was chomping on a Big Mac from McDonalds. When I saw my makeup it was not at all what I wanted. Don’t get me wrong, the makeup was beautiful but it’s just not what I envisioned how my makeup would look like. At this point it was too late to re-do or fix anything. So at this moment insert my first F@#$ It! moment of the day. This became my catch phrase of the day.

We only had the ceremony space for a limited time and coming from a West Indian background this meant planning strategically. Our families could not be on time to save their own life. Although I added an extra hour on our invite to our actually start time, people were still strolling in super late. This was shortening our cermony time minute by minute. What was supposed to be 45 minute ceremony ended up getting wrapped up into 20 minutes. F@#$ It! My husband couldn’t even see me coming down the aisle cause our photographer was in front of him the whole time!

As I turned to walk down the aisle with my husband, I heard and felt this big rip from behind me. One of my maid of honour’s had stepped on my dress and tore a piece of the train but you know what F@#$ It! I will still move on with the day.

We get to the golf course that we booked to take our professional photos. All our pictures turned out great. We were heading back to the parking lot and BAM there was that ripping sound again.*SIGH* F@#$ It! My husband and I, along with our bridal party hopped in our rented Tahoe. I tried to hop into the car and my husband’s phone fell out of my hand and shattered the screen and then as soon as we shut the door to the SUV the rain just came out of no where and down poured! I said to my husband F@#$ It! Let’s go to A&W and get some burgers. LOL We pulled up to the drive thru and order burgers, drinks and apple pies. We all laughed and just thought at this point we’re just going to go with the flow!

We got to the reception hall and hung out in the parking lot waiting for things to get started. All of a sudden we see people storming out thinking what the hell is going on?!?! There was a mishap with seating arrangements inside. Another group of family members decided to show up even though they RSVP’d that they will not be attending. So the family who stormed out thought we didn’t have seating for them. There was so much commotion in the parking lot of my reception hall, I just did not even want to deal. You guessed it! F@#$ It!

They decided to leave which was fine with me, I didn’t want the drama anyway. I did for a split moment think, what else can happen tonight? The reception was filled with a bunch of mishaps. From getting a piece of broken glass in my foot, to another hall party trying to steal our liquor, my handmade (by me) monogrammed cake topper going missing and finally the caterer’s blaming my nephew’s for my cake getting smashed (even though they were nowhere near).

I was happy at the end of the day that this day was finally over lol. I was just anxious to get back to the hotel and just be alone with my hubby and no one else or their drama around. If I can give any advice to anyone getting married, keep it short and sweet with the ones who love and really care about you and your hubby. If having a big dream wedding is your thing then go for it. I would totally do things way differently if I had the chance to.

At the end of the day you are marrying your best friend and that literally is all that matters. Let me know a disaster you faced on your big day in the comments. Don’t forget to like and follow for more creative ideas!





















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4 thoughts on “Our Wedding Story

  1. Well said cuz I will go for the small thing any day anytime

  2. Wow, I was at your wedding and I would’ve never guessed that so much went wrong! I do remember a fly or something kept coming around while you tried to say your vows lol.
    Destination weddings for the win! Although I also had a lot of bad happen leading up to it! An uncle being diagnosed with cancer just a month before, an aunt diagnosed with cancer literally 5 days before we flew out (Thank God they both were able to attend because those are memories I will cherish forever). Also found out just a couple days before that someone called the head office of my travel agent and tried to cancel my entire wedding!!! I wish I knew who but I got the last laugh because the wedding still happened and we were surrounded by the people who truly mean the most to us.

  3. Oooh man! That’s rough. Jealousy is one heck of a thing!

  4. Oh my wow I knew there was drama but not all of that. I’ve never cared for a huge wedding either and if the day ever comes that I get married I def want something simple, sweet and small like a backyard ting with no bad mind ppl or a destination. I remember the people getting mad about the seating because I was seating them 😂 SamSam despite everything y’all had one of the best weddings everrr! When I think of your wedding the pic that comes to mind is us palancing🤣 I still remember like yesterday your mom and dad chipping in to the Congo man song and your bros monster whine entrance and your daddy daughter dance❤️ The doubles and pholourie in the end was wicked too lol. I’m glad you went with that eff it and carry on mentality because there were still lots of fun memories. I continuously pray your marriage and family is blessed with eternal love, happiness and good health! You deserve it cuz😘

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