DIY Table Piece

This table decor can be used anywhere around your home such as a dining table, side table, coffee table etc. It’s so easy to do and very inexpensive. Here’s what you’ll need:


The vase is something we had lying around from before. The candles I found at Homesense. The rocks I got on sale at Michael’s and I had some styrofoam laying around from a package I got a week or so ago (it’s not absolutely necessary but it is very helpful).

Step One: Try to form a circle-ish with your styrofoam and place it at the bottom, in the center of the vase.


Step Two: Place a layer of your rocks around the styrofoam. Put enough to cover the sides of the styrofoam and level it with the top of the styrofoam. This may involve a little bit of tetris skills.


Step Four: Place your pillar candles on top of the styrofoam and let each one balance on both the styrofoam and the rocks. You still may need to adjust some of the rocks so that the candles sit leveled. I tried this without the styrofoam and I just felt i could never get it to sit just right, so the styrofoam helped quite a lot.


Step Five: Now you just want to use the left over rocks for fillers. In between each candles I like to go a little higher and create little peaks.


Now it’s all complete! Find a spot for this cute piece and light it up. You may want to take a cloth and clean up the sides of the vase in case any of the residue from the rocks got onto the glass. I will be showing you on next week’s Decor Blog how I will be styling this centerpiece.

Leave a comment to let me know what you think about this one. Don’t forget to like and follow for more creative ideas


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  1. I really like this ,

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