Pantry Organization

Almost nothing gives me satisfaction than organizing parts of our home. I love organizing, planning and all things to help my day flow better. Our cupboards were a natural disaster in desperate need of a cleanse. Unfortunately we don’t have a built-in pantry in our home so we purchased one from Canadian Tire. I feel like it can be intimidating to start cleaning and organizing things that have been left alone for a while but as soon as you start you will not want to stop.

Here’s what we started with:


…and here’s what we ended up with:


Doing over your pantry and having an organized flow will make your days so much easier and less complicated. Being able to see what you have can actually save you so much money too. For example, my husband did our grocery run on Friday and stocked up on snacks for the kids etc. When I started the pantry today it was insane how much snacks we had already purchased from previous grocery trips and how much things got tossed because it was pushed to the back and forgotten about.

The first thing you want to do is lay out EVERYTHING you have on to the table or counter. Then sort through everything; check expiry dates, pile all the similar items together and get rid of whatever you don’t use or don’t need. By seeing what you have, you won’t go to the grocery and buy things that you don’t need.

Next, make a list of all the items you have that you want to store in your pantry. I did this and it helped so much when shopping for storage items. Here’s a closer look at the top shelf:


Labelling is a personal preference but as you can see I’m not a fan lol. So at the top we have things that we use often enough that it’s within reach. With the exception of the canisters on the far right, the rest of these glass jars were purchased at our local dollar store (Dollarama). People, do not underestimate your dollarstore, they have really good items. Here’s the second shelf:


This shelf is eye-level and things we use everyday. The containers we got for the cereal was bought at Wal-Mart and it’s the Rubbermaid brand. They have containers that are specifically for cereal. It’s air tight and has a spout at the top to make for easy pouring. The basket is our bread basket. Getting a breadbox just doesn’t make sense for us because we all like different types of bread. I picked up this basket at our dollar store too (Dollarama). Here’s our third shelf:


The third shelf is the kid shelf. Let’s be real mommy and daddy’s, when it’s that time of day and your kids are ready for a snack, you want to be able to just send them off to go get it themselves (if they’re capable). Well this is the best solution. Store your kids snacks on a shelf that is reachable for them. The clear bins are also from the dollar store (Dollarama). Side Note – those Uncle Ben’s microwavable Brown Rice is a major game changer and time saver. Let’s move on to the fourth shelf:


This shelf was stuff that we use but just not as often. Yes, I make KD once in a while for my kids (insert eye roll here) and no I don’t need your judgement. Some days I just need to get dinner done fast! Aaaaand finally the last shelf:


On the bottom shelf I put our non-refrigerated vegetables. One basket on the right for potatoes, squash etc. and the two narrow clear bins for onions and another garlic and ginger. The basket on the left has miscellaneous things. Things that couldn’t quite fit into a canister or container but we use every so often.


That’s all there is to it! Cleaning up your pantry is something you’re sure to not regret. Give your pantry a clean out and let me know in the comments how it goes. Don’t forget to like and follow for more creative ideas!



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