My Childhood vs. My Kids

Each generation growing up will always have a huge difference than when their parents grew up and each generation will think that they will never put their kids through some of those things. Isn’t it scary and funny when you think you’re dressing or doing “cool” things for your kids, what they will think of the things we did for them? Will they be mortified like we were with the frill dresses? Will they be embarrassed like we were by the Windbreaker tracksuits? Surely our parents thought that we looked so cute or that they were dressing us with the “in” thing.

Here is the major differences I’ve noticed between when I grew up and my kids growing up now:

Technology! I did not know how to operate a phone until I was 15 yet my almost 2-year-old can maneuver more through my iPad more than I can. The time it took me to send a text, you could make it to the corner store and back. Now, you can literally say what you want to say and boom your message is sent. We limit our kids to their screen time. We don’t allow any electronics during dinner, I’d say 90% of the time. They also don’t go to bed watching TV. We rather read them a story and bond with them. Of course there are times where a little more screen time happens because I just have those days where I can’t deal with noise or commotion or if we are doing a long distance drive, we will let them watch movies on the tablet.

Play Time! Because of option one up there ^^^ I feel like you barely see any kids outside as much any more. My daughter freaks out if there is too much sun, like WTF! Too much sun, who says that! My son loves all things outside. In the winter, he hates getting all the layers on to go outside but once he’s out there he loves playing in the snow. When I was younger, my parents hated for us to be glued to TV’s. We spent like 80% of our day outdoors, no matter the weather. We use to go to the community pool twice a day. We went over to our friends house, our friends came over to our house. Our parents all got along. I know ONE other parent from my kid’s class!


Birthday Parties! Do you remember when you’d have a birthday party, invite some friends over and just have a good time? Now, it’s all about what’s the “in” thing. What theme should we do? I mean I can’t lie, I am a sucker for a good theme. I LOVE organizing a party but that’s just cause I love planning things like this. BUT!!! I do miss the easy no stress way sometimes butt this one I’d probably not change lol. I was reminiscing with some friends the other day and we were talking about my birthday party from Grade 6. We literally spent the day playing in my front yard, dancing to songs and hanging out. It was so good and so much fun.

Appreciation! I feel like the appreciation level from kids now are WAY different from when we were kids. I remember when I was younger for birthdays, christmas or anything you would get gifts for, you would feel so happy and excited that you got something. My parents weren’t well off but we had everything we ever needed. Getting 1-2 gifts meant the world to us. It didn’t matter if it was from Walmart or the dollarstore. We loved everything! Now, gift shopping is so stressful. We work so hard to get the things that they want and when they get it, it’s used for 1-2 weeks and then it’s shoved into some corner and forgotten about. This past Christmas we actually set a limit on gifts from us and from our family members. Were people upset? Yup! Did we care? No!

So much has changed from when we were kids to the kids growing up now. At the end of the day, all we can do is do our best and hope that we are raising kind and loving kids. Don’t forget to like and follow for more Mommy rants!


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