Chocolate Chip Brownies

This brownie recipe is so yummy! I have failed over and over again at every brownie recipe I ever came accross until the Tasty page on facebook posted this AMAZING video on how to make it. Might I also mention, I have never been a fan of brownies until this one.

First things first, preheat your oven to 350F. Here’s what you’ll need:


Step One: In your mixing bowl, add 1C of Chocolate chips and your butter. Heat in the microwave for 1.5 minutes. Once you remove the bowl from the microwave, let the mixture sit in the bowl for 3 minutes then whisk it together to combine.


Step Two: Add both your granulated sugar and brown sugar, salt, and vanilla extract. Then whisk everything until the sugars have disolved. Once everything is combined, add your eggs and whisk away again. Stop whisking once the eggs are incorporated.


Step Three: Using a sifter, add your flour and cocoa powder. With a spatula, fold your dry ingredients in until there is no more dry powder. Once everything is mixed in, add the last bit of chocolate chips to your mixture and mix it one more time.


Step Four: In your baking dish, apply a layer of cooking spray. Line the dish with parchment paper and spray it one more time. Pour in your brownie mixture and put it in the oven for 40-45 minutes. Check accordingly, I had to leave mine in closer to the 50 minute mark. There should be a little bit of gooeyness because it is a ooey gooey brownie.


Step Five: When you remove the brownie from the oven the most important part is to let it sit until it is completely cooled until you remove it from the dish and cut it. The first time I made this recipe, I was an eager bunny and didn’t wait for it to fully cool and it was a mess! So just be a little patient and let it cool completely, it’ll be worth the wait. After your cooling period, cut, serve and enjoy!


This recipe isn’t the healthiest but it’s okay to endulge once in a while. This brownie is super decadent so I would have a tall glass of cold milk on standby. Give it try and let me know in the comments how it comes out. Don’t forget to like and follow for more creative recipe ideas!


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