Seven Ways to Kick Back

Being a stay at home mom (or parent) is probably one of the hardest jobs I’ve ever had. It’s also one that I wouldn’t trade for the world. With that being said, it’s so important that we need to find things that allow us to be us. Have some personal me time so we don’t lose our minds. This is something I am still struggling with but I am hoping to change for 2019.

I came up with a list of things that I feel can help you recharge, all while getting in some “me time”.

1. Pamper Yourself – This can range from simply going to get your nails done to going to a full-blown spa. If you have it in the budget, a massage would be amazing. If not, the price of getting a mani/pedi isn’t so bad these days. Getting this done even just once a month makes a big  difference.

2. Adult Conversation – Although this one isn’t by yourself, that’s okay! A little time away from the kids will do your brain some good. Whether you go out on date night with your significant other or dinner with some friends, having a little adult conversation never hurt anybody. Plus, it would be nice to have a conversation about ANYTHING else other than baby shark! Sometimes it also feels good to get dressed up and look like a human being once in a while too (mind you I will always love my yoga pants as my go to outfit of choice).

3. Go See a Movie –  You can do this one a couple of ways. Go see a movie by yourself and actually see something you really want to see and not because it’s appropriate for kids. The other option is to just have hubby or someone close to you take the kids out for a movie and enjoy a nice quiet, clean and empty house by yourself.

4. Take a Bath – This one can be a tough one. Mostly because I can’t even pee or poop without my kids trying to barge in or wait outside the door for me. But, if you have hubby or grandparents watch them for a little bit, draw a bath, soak and relax. You can even start a new book that you’ve also been wanting to read while sitting and finally having peace and quiet.

5. Join the Gym – Can you workout at home? Sure you can! But what’s better than getting out of the house and working out uninterrupted for an hour or two. If you don’t like using the equipment, try a yoga or zumba class. Classes can be a great way to get some exercise in and have some fun.

6. Start a New Hobby – Ever wanted to do something you really enjoy but have been putting it on the back burner? There never really is a right time to start any new venture. You just have to dive right in and get started. This blog was my “me time” escape and I’m loving it!

7. Nothing – I have these days sometimes where I just want to do absolutely nothing but lay in bed and watch some T.V. and guess what mommy’s? THAT’S OKAY!! If thats what “me time” is to you, than go for it!

You see, being a stay at home mom (or parent) is no walk in the park. Everyone needs a little time alone or away even if it’s just a couple of hours once a week or month or whatever. What do you parents out there do to have some “me time”? Don’t forget to like and follow for more creative ideas.


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