Ponytail With a Twist

Today my princess received an award in her school, so you know Mommy needed to be a little extra with her look. I still had to make her hair hat appropriate especially with this -37°C weather we are having. This look can take anywhere from 10-20 minutes depending on how still your child sits. Mine was just not having it this morning so we took closer to the 20 minutes mark.

First things first, you want to brush out any tangles or knots in their hair and start with a clean, smooth look.


Next, make a part on both sides of the scalp to form a square shape on each side of their head. All the hair in the middle and back, pull it into a ponytail so the extra hair is out of the way to help you style the sides.


The patch of hair on the side needs to be divided into three sections. Take the first part of the hair closes to the hair line and tie it with an elastic.


Next, you want to take the hair that’s tied into the elastic and split it into two. Take the next row and divide that into two as well. Split each piece of hair from the first elastic and add it to each part into the second row.


Take the two strands and pull them into one last elastic in the third row, It will look like a diamond shape. You can get really creative with the eleastic colours you use, but this is what my daughter chose.


You’ll repeat these steps on the other side of their head. The last step in to pull all the loose hair into a slicked back ponytail. I use the boar bristle brush and some kid-friendly hair gel to keep everything slick and neat.


There you go! You have a cute little twist to your everyday ponytail. Don’t forget to like and follow for more creative hairstyle ideas!



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