Valentine’s Day Card Ideas for Kids

I took a pole on my Instagram (@creativebossmom) asking parent’s if they would like some Valentine’s Day class inspiration and the majority of votes asked for some help. So I have looked through Pinterest and found some ideas that are easy and cost efficient. You can also take a look at the fun glow stick option I did here.

I have found some options that involve treats and others that don’t. Some schools, like my daughter’s, prefer that you send in candy-free options.

Up first the non-candy options:

1. How cute is this take on a “Love Bug”? Head over to The Mom Creative for a free printable to make this Valentine’s Day card.

Love Bug Valentines

2. Star Wars doesn’t ever seem to grow old and this is such a cute way to incorporate a glow stick (which are fairly cheap at your local party store/dollar store). Check out Skip to my Lou for a free printable.

printable star wars lightsaber valentines

3. Keep it simple with this “I think you’re just write!” Pen’s can be also purchased at the dollar store or your local craft store. Check out Bits of Everything for a free printable.


4. Such a cute twist on a Valentine’s Day class treat. What kid doesn’t love a silly straw? Check out Bargain Briana for a free printable on this cute DIY.

Sip Sip Hooray Valentines Day Card Printable for Silly Straws

5. “You are a-MAZE-ing!” These cute little maze’s can usually be bought in bulk in any store that has a party favour section. So easy to assemble, check out No Time to be Bored for a free printable.

There you have it! A few options that are candy free. Now here are some ideas that involve edible treats.

1. The new “in” thing for girls these days seems to be Unicorns. Wishing your classmates a Magical Valentine’s is a cute way to go. Check out The Cards We Drew for a free print-out and a step-by-step how to.

unicorn valentine

2. Love this way of offering friendship. Check out Simplistically Living for a free printable on making this “Owl Always Be Your Friend”.


3. These Valentine’s Day butterflies are so stinking cute! Check out My Home Based Life for the how to on this cuteness!

Valentine Candy Love Bugs Craft

4. Did anyone else love ring pops as much as I did as a kid? I feel like I can still pop one of those on my fingers and become that 6-year-old all over again! Check out Hip2Save for a free printable.


5. Finally, this yummy treat (also healthier option), is so cute and will make any kid feel included and loved. Check out Mrs. Jones’s Class for a free printable.

Alright parents! Here are just some creative options for you to re-create for your Kiddo’s class. All the above option are affordable and fool-proof! When all else fails, head over to your local Wal-Mart (I believe the Dollar Store has started to sell class cards now as well), grab a box of Valentine’s Day Cards and stick on a piece of chocolate. Have fun creating some awesome memories for your kids. Don’t forget to like and follow for more creative ideas!


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