Split Pigtails

We did this hairstyle for Valentine’s Day to go with her outfit for school. She really loves pigtails as you can tell but I will be doing something different next week. This hairstyle is obviously not just for Valentine’s Day. You can do this at anytime for any day or event.

I didn’t blow dry her hair this time, we kept it natural and to be honest, next time I will blow dry it doing this style. I found that her hair was a little more frizzy with doing this style.

Today was one of those day’s she wasn’t really having it (as you will notice in some pictures lol) but overall we got through it and she really liked it. Working with her uneven hairline can be a little difficult but we get through it and make it work.

The first thing I did was make a rectangle shape part at the center ,top of her head.

This face will change by the end lol

Once you have that part secured in a hair tie, slick back the rest of the hair in a tight secured pony at the back so it’s out-of-the-way.


The part that you created at the top you want to divide into 4 parts securing each part with the elastic colour of your choice. Try to get them as centered as possible. Mine didn’t work out so well this time because Mike the Knight held more importance than sitting still and we were running short on time.


That pony that you had created earlier, creat your center part down the middle in the back to form your pigtails and secure. Don’t worry about them being even and perfect right now because you will take them out of the hair ties in a little bit.

If you have alligator clips, these would be really useful for this part. Each piece that was tied with an elastic needs to be split into two parts. If you have the clips you can use it to secure it to the sides, if not ask your kid to hold it for you (that’s what I did!).


Take out one of the pigtails and slick back each half of the elastics parts until they’re all together with the pigtail. Repeat the same thing on the other side.


You can leave the pigtails just as they are or braid them. We went ahead and braided them just so they don’t get out of hand and in her face. I also added some sparkly hair bows just for an added accessory. The perfectionist in me is going wild that the elastics aren’t straight but oh well, what are you going to do?!


And then this face says it all. At this point, we are both over it and want to get out the door and on the way to school!

lol I told you the face would change…

Anyway that’s our hairstyle for today and I hope you enjoyed it! We will be trying something new next week that doesn’t involve pigtails (fingers crossed). Don’t forget to like and follow for more creative hairstyles.


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