Family Day Long Weekend!

If you are following my instagram page, you will know I took a little blog/post hiatus for the weekend. The Amber Alert that was sent out on Thursday night/early Friday morning had me feeling all kinds of emotions. I felt like how (for a lack of a better word) stupid can people be to get mad an Amber Alert? I almost felt like it was joke that people were so bothered by an Amber Alert.

Because of that “annoying” Amber Alert issued a murderer was caught. He was caught heading up North in Ontario, so yes it was very necessary to send an Ontario wide Amber Alert out. Because of that “annoying” Amber Alert, police were able to locate the body of a beautiful angel who was taken away. This photo by @ninjamommers could not sum up my feelings any better:


This past Friday, I spent the day grieving for this little girl (who I don’t know btw). Everytime I see an Amber Alert issued, whether here in Ontario, somewhere else in Canada or even in the USA, I hope that child is able to come home alive, safe and sound. I wish that no one has to go through what this poor mother experienced. I just know that if it were me, I would want that Amber Alert issued to any and everyone that could possibly help in any way.

With all that being said, my husband and I gravitated to being even more around our kids than we already usually are. We felt super thankful that we were able to end each night kissing and tucking our kids into their beds, safely in the room next to us. On Saturday, we had family night. The kids watched movies and we played some cards. On Sunday, we went to a kids event called Kidapalooza, which is a HUGE indoor event filled with a bunch of kids events. The kids got to run around burn some energy, jump around in a few bouncy castles and got some face painting done.

There is so much things to do with your family in your local town/city. The first thing I did was I went onto Facebook and searched for a local city page that gives updates of what’s going on. You can also rely on Groupon for some major discounts on activities that are both in and out-of-town. Trust me people, there is plenty to do with your families to get in some good quality time.

Our goal is to have a lot more weekends like this with our family. It’s so easy to get caught up with our phones and work, that we often forget what’s right there in front of us, our family. If this Amber Alert experience taught me anything, it’s that life is truly way too short. Don’t forget to like and follow for more mommy rants!


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