Pink Shirt Day 2019

Today is Pink Shirt Day in Canada and we love supporting anything that involves being nice and kind to others. Please know everything I say and feel in this blog post is strictly how I feel and my opinions. This current school year is my daughters first official school year and to say I was petrified of her starting Junior Kindergarten is an understatement. As a parent, your biggest hope is that your child gets along with everyone and that everyone is kind to them.

Everyday we teach our kids about being kind and nice to those around them and while we hope that all kids (and people) are this way, unfortunately it doesn’t workout that way all the time. Teaching our kids and having them understand that people aren’t always so nice can be a little tricky sometimes because their minds are so innocent, especially a 4/5 year old. At this age, it can be so easy for them to get caught up and mimic things their friends do and it’s up to us as parents to teach them right from wrong.


I believe bullying starts from home. If we as parents, pay attention to our kids and just simply keep in touch with them by talking and staying involved with our kids daily, so much change can happen.

Here’s something that happened on a family outing back in December. We went to see that new movie The Grinch and when the movie was finished, we went out to the eating area just to get ourselves situated. While I was getting my son ready, my daughter started frantically crying and holding on to my leg for her dear life. When I was able to finally calm her down and ask her what was going on, her answer shocked me! “Mommy I’m scared of that person over there!” When I looked over and saw who she was pointing to, it was a man who was disabled physically and was in a wheelchair. I felt all kinds of emotions but right away, I was embarrassed and angry at her for saying something like that. We went home and I thought to myself, why am I mad at her? It’s our fault as her parents that we clearly didn’t expand our teaching of what’s out there in the world or that we didn’t do a great enough of job of explaining acceptance.


Needless to say we had a long talk with her and showing her that there’s beauty in a lot of people. No matter colour, race, religion or mental/physical disabilities, we all need to be kind to everyone. You don’t know what is going on in a person’s life and by a simple smile or kind act, you can turn someone’s world right side up. Parenting is a constant daily battle and all we can do is our best but teaching our kids to be kind and caring can make the smallest change but the biggest impact. Don’t forget to like and follow for more mommy rants!



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