Travelling with Kids!

I am one of the few people out there who enjoys packing for our getaways or vacations. Here in Toronto, we are coming up on the March Break next week and I decided to pack the kids up and go on a little trip down south to visit some family. I am definitely not a last-minute person nor am I a disorganized person.

Packing for your family can be so simple and headache free if you just organize and avoid chaos. I’ve come up with a few tips that have worked well for me when packing for our whole family.

First thing I do is lay out outfits for each day. Look up the weather for your destination so you know how to pack accordingly. When you lay out an outfit, lay out everything from head to toe (Sweaters, shirts, bottoms, underwear and socks). Keep in mind if you are travelling with young kids (mine are 4 and almost 2), you’ll want to maybe pack 1-3 extra tops and underwear just in case of any mishaps.

The next thing I do is a folding system. I fold each outfit of the day together so I know that when I go into the suitcase I can just grab that bundle and everything is good to go. I’ve layed out my folding system below so you can see how I bundle together.




The other option for storing your outfits together are ziplocks. You can fold each outfit item neatly together and place it in ziplock bags. When we went on our cruise, I did this system and went as far as labelling the day of the week that outfit was for and whether it was daytime wear or evening wear. Trust me this saves you so much time in the long run by doing this.


For my son, who is still in diapers, I put his things in the kids carry-on sized luggage. I know that everything he needs is in one spot because I will be dipping into his things way more than myself or my daughters stuff. So as you can see, I followed the same bundling system with his clothes and packed his diapers in the top section.


For this trip, I will be driving (wish me luck on a 7 hours-ish drive with two kids alone) and need to make sure the kids are entertained so that we don’t drive each other crazy. I purchased some eat and play trays from Amazon so that they have a surface to colour, draw and do whatever activities. They also have the space to eat when they need to. I filled their backpack with different activities that they are interested in and also loaded the tablet with different movies and shows to keep them quiet.

I like to keep a little storage bin filled with different types of medication. I put medicine for colds, nausea, headaches, heart burn and whatever else we use. I love having these things on hand so that we’re covered in case of any emergencies.


The other helpful tip that I use is packing a lunch bag the same way as if they were going to school. I fill it with a meal and snacks. I also have extra snacks just in case they get a little extra hungry. This saves us some stoppage time and my kids aren’t really a fan of fast food or outside food, so works for me!


And that’s how I prepare for our trips! Let me know in the comments if you have any other useful tips for packing for your family. Don’t forget to like and follow for more creative ideas!


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