Braided Ponytail

Ok, so I did it. I strayed away from doing the pigtails this week with my daughter’s hair! We went with a simple braided ponytail that we put together for last week’s Pink Shirt Day. This was super simple and quick to put together. In fact, so quick I only had 20 minutes to put it together and take step by step pictures.

Start with freshly brushed hair. Get out all the knots and tangles. You don’t need to have straightened hair for this. I left my daughter’s hair natural for this look.


Create a part across the scalp horizontally. Pull all the bottom loose hair into a ponytail and leave it for now. It doesn’t need to be perfect right now because we’ll be able to clean it up later on. The parted hair on top, divide this into three sections and secure neatly with elastics.


The two elastics on the sides, braid each side into single braids and secure at the end with an elastic (doesn’t matter what colour you choose because they will be removed later on. The middle part at the top, divide into two parts and make two braids from that one elastic.


Here’s where you’re going to want to slick back the loose hair into a tight ponytail. Align the braids with your ponytail and tie everything into place. Pull out the elastics from the ends of the braids. If you don’t have a frizz ball mess of a hair like my daughter has, then feel free to leave the style just as is. I braided the ponytail just so it’s neat and out-of-the-way.


There it is. A simple cute look that’s great for school or just a day out! Leave a comment and let me know what you think. This past weekend we chopped munchkins hair. So I will be experimenting styles with short hair and sharing with you all soon. Don’t forget to like and follow for more creative hairstyle ideas!


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