March Break Adventures – 2019

This past week’s March Break definitely didn’t go as planned and I’m still living the aftermath of it. I decided that I didn’t want to keep the kids all cooped up in the house for the week and have a boring week off. It was the best decision at the time to maintain the mental sanity of my kids and myself.

I planned a road trip to my sister in law’s, who’s down in Michigan which is about a 7 hour drive with pee stops. My husband wasn’t able to come with us because of work but my mother in law came along at the last minute and joined us. My daughter has insane motion sickness (like me) and as usual before any trip I give her nausea medicine.

Our trip is divided into halves, the first part is about 3.5 hours to the border and then another 3ish hours to my sister in law’s place. My nephews love Timbits from Tim Horton’s, so when we were about 1.5 hours into our drive, I decided to go grab the Timbits. My mother in law ran in and grabbed them and when I turned around to check on my daughter, her face was so pale. I grabbed a cup quickly and shoved it in her face and the vomit fest commenced.

After getting the situation cleaned up we were back on the road. The next five hours were consisted of me looking into my rear view mirror every 5 minutes waiting to see if she makes that face she makes before she’s about to hurl. My son on the other hand was the perfect travel kid. Not a single moment of crying or complaining from his end.

What we didn’t know was my daughter was dealing with something far worse than motion sickness. She was in the beginning stages of battling a bug. The first two and a half days of our trip she was down and out. The poor thing was so excited to see her cousins and couldn’t enjoy being with them fully because she spent most of those days sleeping her fever off. By Wednesday, she was doing a lot better and we were able to enjoy the next few days with our family.

Friday came along and we were getting ready to head out. My daughter’s congestion started to kick in and I knew right then and there that the next 6-7 hours would be miserable as hell! She slept a lot of the drive back home but also cried a lot of the drive home. Which drove me nuts and had me super frustrated. Not because she was crying but because there was nothing I could do about it. She just wanted to be back home and I was doing my best to get back as soon as possible.

After what seemed like a 20 hour drive, we finally made it home. We all took a shower and got settled into bed, even though it was only 5:00pm, we all agreed that it was time to call it quits for the day.

Saturday came by and it was my hubby’s birthday! My daughter was doing much better and ready and excited to go out and grab Daddy a cheesecake. We spent the day together and kept it pretty calm for the day. Sunday rolls around and we notice my son is now running a temperature. I thought to myself WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON!?!

We are now currently battling my son’s sickness. He has the same symptoms that my daughter had and here we are a week later, battling the same thing all over again. My stress levels are through the roof because my daughter can at least speak and tell me whats wrong. My son, is not even two and can only cry. Frustration is on a whole other level because he’s so helpless and he’s probably equally frustrated because I can’t always understand what he wants.

Just like last week we’re on Day three of baby boy being sick and he his winding down and coming back to normal. He’s had a big obsession with Mommy these past few days, so much so that when his sister comes near me he flips out. This mama is tired and exhausted and hoping for some normalcy to come back into our lives ASAP. Here’s hoping to a better March Break next year lol! Dont forget to like and follow for more Mommy rants.


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