Constuction Birthday Party

OMG! Is it me or does time just zoom by when you have kids? My baby boy just turn 2 last week and it feels like just yesterday I was getting ready to hold him in my arms for the first time. This little boy has completed my heart and completed my family. He makes everyday an adventure and keeps me on my toes.

Over the weekend we celebrated him with a small intimate construction themed birthday party and I thought I’d share with you some of the idea’s we had.

We had a little family emergency on Friday and our planning and setting up came to a complete halt. Everything turned out to be fine and everyone is all good and well. This just meant we had to start fresh and come up with a new plan because we didn’t have as much time.

A quick trip to the dollarstore and Party City helped whip things into shape pretty well. I would say 90-95% of the items I used, I bought it from the dollarstore.

Every year for both my kids birthday parties, I usually go with some sort of loot bag option to give to the kids attending. This year, I’v decided to try something different and do a dessert table where the kids can do their own thing and fill up on whatever they like. I have to say that this was a GREAT alternative and I will probably be going this route from now on. I made some of the treats myself so I saved couple of dollars there. Here’s what the table looked like:


I came up with a couple of fun name twists on these yummy treats that worked well with the party.

1. “Traffic Light Brownies” – I have made these super yummy brownies before. Click Chocolate Chip Brownies for the recipe.


2. “Boulder Cookies” and “Chocolate Beams” – the cookies were homemade whipped shortbread cookies and I rolled them into silver sprinkles. I don’t have the recipe up on my blog for these cookies yet but look out for it coming soon. The chocolate beams are regular store bought chocolate sticks.


3. “Wet Paint Brushes” – these were just regular store bought cereal treats dipped in melted chocolate. I bought white melting chocolate and dyed them with food colouring.

4.The back row, we have “Gravel Stones” I bought silver M&M’s from Party City. In the middle, “Tractor Tires” are just regular good old Oreo’s and the last treat are “Day Wages” chocolate gold coins that I also bought at Party City.


5. “Cement Mix” – mini cheesecakes that was dyed Grey. This one needs to be worked on. When dying your cheesecake just be careful as the baking often changes the colour. It went into the oven being the perfect cement colour and then came out a little purple-ish. Oh well, you live and you learn…lol! (They still tasted amazingly delicious). This cheesecake recipe will be posted in sometime in the future.


That’s pretty much it for the dessert table! I used some construction trucks and pylons that I picked up at the dollarstore. The buckets to hold the treats I found on sale at Party City.

I came up with this little cake table and background set up within minutes and on the morning of the party. Everything was purchased at the Dollarstore.


Believe it or not, behind our backdrop is our hutch and buffet set so I just taped everything to it. The little trucks on the table were purchased at the dollarstore. Also the forks, napkins and cake plates are all from the dollar store. To make the table cloth look like the road, we laid it down on the floor and used the folded prints as a guide. I used white duct tape and just taped the lines down the centre of the cloth. Next I used my leftover yellow streamer and again followed the creased lines to complete the road. Voila! There you have it, a quick and easy Construction party put together in no time.

People! Believe me when I tell you that you can throw a party for your munchkins and not break the bank. I salvage and save whatever I can so that things can be re-used for future parties (this will also help save costs down the road).

I hope you are able to take away some party tips for your future birthday parties! Don’t forget to like and follow for more creative ideas!


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