Summer Family Trip 2019

We are a week out for our family trip to Florida and can I just say how nervous I am? I am not nervous about flying at all but travelling with kids (especially little ones) can be so nerve wracking and stressful that you almost want to just forget it and not go (I said almost, Mama needs a vacation!!!).

The whole idea of making sure my kids are attached to my hips (I mean that literally) while walking through an airport gives me all types of feels. My daughter is pretty easy going with trips. Once she has some sort of distraction (i.e. colouring book, sketchbook or an iPad), she will be fine and unbothered. For her that almost 3-hour flight will be no biggie. However, on the other hand my son…that flight will feel like 10 hours long. You just never know what version of him you’re going to get. We could get happy, sweet, loving child who listens and co-operates or he can be the devil monster child and just not give a crap about anything at all.

I am one of those moms who limits screen time with the kids, but that day may be the day he gets whatever he wants on the plane ride just so I don’t end up being “THAT” person with “THAT” kid. I’m hoping that if I take some of his favourite snacks with us that he will work with me.

This time we’re heading out to see my sister and her family. I am so excited that my kids get to bond with my niece and nephews because they don’t get the opportunity to see them as often as I would like to. Although it’s going to be just a few days, it’ll be so nice to get some time in with family and end the summer on a high note.

The best part is my niece and nephews have no idea that we are coming so it will be a nice surprise for them. My daughter has already made plans to bake with her cousin and do “girly” things with her (whatever that means lol). My son will be all about his two other cousins and guess what that means? Mommy and Daddy get a little break!!

As I mentioned many times before, I love being prepared and organized way more ahead than I probably need to but it’s a system that works for me. My goal is to travel with only one suitcase, and one carry on for the four of us. Am I delusional? Maybe. But it’s only 4 days so I think it’s do-able. We leave a week today and the kids and I are already packed and ready to go (since a week ago).

I will give an update on how our trip goes next week and let you know if it was the flight from hell or a piece of cake! Until next time, don’t forget to like and follow Creative Boss Mom for more adventures!



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