Back to School Prep

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Yea, I know, a little early for Christmas BUTTT back to school has to be a pretty close second for most, right? Preparing for school can be deemed stressful for some people and enjoyable for others (me…I’m other people!). I love prepping for back to school and not because the kids will finally be back in school but because I love school. I used to love just browsing the back to school section before I even had kids. I know, I know, I may have some issues but take me as I am lol!

Now that I have a daughter going to school, I feel that it’s best to be organized a little ahead of time and avoid that Labour Day weekend back to school shopping rush. Whether you’re a stay at home parent, single parent or even career parents, back to school shopping can get expensive and hard on your pocket. These three steps is what I follow to make sure I don’t go crazy on the spending at the end of summer.

Budget – The first thing we do is set a budget. The idea behind back to school shopping is to save as much as possible. If you want to go all out and create a whole new wardrobe than go ahead. On the other hand, if you’re like me and want to save. The first thing I do is sort through everything that my daughter has that she used in her previous school year. I check to see what clothes fit her still, if her backpack is still in good condition, shoes etc. Once I know what is re-usable then I can set my budget.

Never too early to start shopping – I am the crazy type that buys a few things from every pay the moment school is out in June. You can take $20-$50 or whatever you are comfortable spending and buy a few things every other week. This way you’re not spending one big lump sum at the end of summer.

Don’t under esitmate the dollar store – Guys! The dollarstore is nothing like how it used to be when we were kids. You can get namebrand things for less! Products like Crayola, Cra-Z-Art, Elmers, etc. Check out your local flyers for sales and deals. The moment school is out (and sometimes before) stores start selling back to school items and things are constantly being put on sale. Shop around my friends!


I follow these tips to make sure I have an easy flow back into school. One last thing my husband and I like to do is donate a bag of things to her classroom just to help the teachers out a bit. Again, not something we have to do but something we like to do. If you’re interested, little things like tissue boxes, hand sanitizers, lysol wipes, arts & crafts, little prizes for the prize box (if that applies to your kid’s class) can go along way. I’ll share an example on my instagram what our bag looks like.

I hope these few little tidbits help you on your back to school journey. Don’t forget to like and follow my page for more Creative Boss Mom adventures!


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